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My first two full days here, I noticed a pattern emerging: cats.  Their frequency shouldn’t have been a surprise; a friend from school once told me that my cool-but-useless superpower was to attract cats if I stood still long enough.  Theoretically, I should have been prepared for feline friends in Germany.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t believe the number of cats in Kandern.  I’d like you to meet a few of the stars.

Among the list of awesome cats in the world, Mufasa is ranked pretty high.  For starters, he’s got an epic name: “King” in Manazoto and “James Earl Jones” in American, and any up-and-coming cat would want such legendary associations attached to his person.

Mufasa has also decided that I’m awesome.  He normally sleeps with Rick and Mary Beth on their bed at night, but since I’ve been here, he prefers to sleep in my room.

At first I thought I was intruding on his favorite bed, but when I found out he changed his sleeping habits just for me, I couldn’t help but feel flattered.  In fact, I wrote this paragraph rather late at night, and he left the bedroom to visit me in the family room when I didn’t show up.  Now he’s snoring on the couch.

I think he likes me.  =D

...on my bed X(

Mufasa matches my bed quite nicely

Unlike Mufasa, the Holladays don’t actually own Lily.  She is convinced otherwise, and often snacks from Mufasa’s food bowl (he’s the biggest softie in the world).  A day doesn’t go by that Lily stops for a visit, demands attention, or interrupts my social media endeavors.

...on my laptop

Blogging time? Lily has other ideas.

The day I went for a hike, I also went on a quest for artistic inspiration; I needed a subject for my first painting project.  In my wanderings, I encountered a little red house with white trim.  It took me a moment to also notice a white cat, staring back at me, her fur blending in with the white steps.  She matched the decor so perfectly, I wouldn’t have seen her if it weren’t for her eyes.  I continued my hike, but couldn’t get the image out of my head.  So, she became my first subject for my art internship.  This isn’t an exact depiction, but close enough:

Red Cat in the Morning?

Acrylic. Copyright by Jennifer Schmitt

Tune in next time to read about even more surprising inhabitants of southwest Germany!