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Despite my complaints in the previous post, the next day I was up bright and early at 5:35 in the morning to join the Holladays for their work-out.  We drove to a gym across town, and I spent the hour vigorously working out my reading muscles.

Oh hush, I’m not a total wimp.  I exercised later!

Basically, Jenna attends the same exercise class as the Holladays, and she had invited me to join her for a long hike after her class was over.  The only problem was that her class was across town, and I’m still unfamiliar with the town (and a bit directionly challenged, *cough cough*).  So, I rode with the Holladays and read an excellent book called Love Medicine (thanks for the loan, Jean!) while I waited.

Once Jenna and I were ready to go, we stopped by the store for some fresh croissants, coffee, and a banana.  We started walking, and eventually reached a golf course, where we ate our breakfast.

The other side of the sunrise (I don’t know why I never took a picture of the sun actually rising…)

The sign reads: “Golf course grounds. Hazard: balls flying through.”

I was definitely amused by the fact that I left Florida only to find MORE golf courses waiting for me!  I had to take a few pictures just for my folks, since nearly all the men in my extended family love the sport.

I love this sign.  Golf is such an extreme sport.  XD

We literally went over a bridge and through the woods to get to Riedlingen. XD

We walked over to the next village, called Riedlingen.  The streets were empty, and the lighting was lovely.
My legs were still sore from helping a visiting artist put gesso on a giant canvas.  Lots of crouching, kneeling, squatting meant my legs complained a lot on the uphill climbs the next day.

Yeah, maybe I should start exercising again.

Getting ready for Easter

But the hike was definitely worth waking up at 5:30!