Hello, everyone.  It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  I had promised you a story about my process of finding a place in Germany, but then the blog just petered out.  Well, I intend (and always intended) on keeping that promise.  Here’s a Campbell-soup version of what happened:

My schedule picked up halfway through my stay in Germany (you might have noticed the huge increase of out-of-context pictures), and I was caught between experiencing what I would write about later, or write about what I was experiencing.  Eventually, I couldn’t do both and had to choose one.  And of course, I chose experiencing Germany.

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So creamy. Photo courtesy of Joy Gallagher

I immediately started my senior year after I moved back to the States, and since then my life has been full throttle.  But now that I’ve graduated, now that my very last grad application is done, I have time again.  I felt so very guilty for not finishing this blog.  Sure, I had a wrap-up post or two.  But there were so many adventures I wanted to tell, so many lessons that just needed to be shared.

So beginning this year, you are invited to join me on a deeper reflection on my time in Germany.  Enough with the Campbell soup.  It’s time for hearty, warm-your-gut chili.

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Mmm. So filling. Photo courtesy for Jane Maynard.