Home at Last


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After a ten hour flight Thursday, I’m finally home.  I spent Friday catching up from jet lag, and as I write my dad and brother are cooking pancakes and bacon.

Smells like America

It’s hard to believe that I’m back already.  I’ve spent at least four years planning my study abroad in Germany, two years preparing for it, and many months stressing about packing.  And now all of a sudden I was packing once more and trying to lose four kilograms from my overweight suitcase.


Everyone was asking me if I was looking forward to coming home, or if I was sad to be leaving.  Honestly, it’s bittersweet.  I had been missing my family like crazy; any little reminder would trigger a deluge of homesickness.  But at the same time, I was drinking in Germany as much as possible, because I had no idea when I’d be back.  I will miss stepping outside my room and hearing German all around me, or being able to hike within five minutes of my dorm.

Because I spent so much time adventuring through Southern Germany, I had little time to write about it.  But my life is transitioning to senior year, and I will have more time and less excitement to write about in the months to come.  So I hope to continue to share my experiences in Germany with you, don’t worry about that!  They’ll just be after the fact.

I’m already missing you, Germany.  But when it comes down to it, there’s no place like home.

Good to be home.